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How to Start a Pressure Washing Business? – Everything You Need!

Starting a pressure washing business requires becoming a professional in pressure washing, learning how to make a profit, keeping the business legal, investing in high-quality pressure washing equipment, and learning how to attract and keep customers.

Before starting a pressure washing business, factors such as business plans, business documents, insurance, types of equipment, profit, and customer needs should be analyzed. All the factors and the steps that need to be taken to start a pressure washing business are discussed in detail below.

Why Starting a Pressure Washer Business Can Be Complicated?

Starting a pressure washing business can be complicated because just owning a pressure washer is not enough to start a business. Challenges related to starting a pressure washing business are listed below:

  • Profitability of starting a pressure washer business and investing in pressure washer equipment,
  • Choosing the right equipment needed to start a pressure washer business,
  • Education about different pressure washer cleaning methods,
  • Investing in insurance against damages that can occur during pressure washing.

The Importance of Learning How to Pressure Wash

How to Start a Pressure Washing BusinessLearning how to pressure wash is important because it can prevent surface damages. YouTube videos and pressure washing articles provide information and lessons on how to pressure wash.

A pressure washer can be rented at Home Depot or Menards or borrowed and used for 7 days to learn how to pressure wash different surfaces, such as driveways, sidings, and tiles.

Learning how to pressure wash includes learning to use pressure washer equipment such as pressure washer nozzles, pressure washer hoses, pressure washer extension wands, and pressure washer brushes.

Why Pressure Washing Business Should Be Legal?

A pressure washing business should be legal because it can prevent going bankrupt and prison sentence in case of property damages. Insurance, permits, and licenses should be obtained before starting a pressure washer business to make it legal.

1. What Business Documents Are Needed to Start a Pressure Washing Business?

Documents that should be obtained to start a pressure washer business are listed below:

  • A business license is an essential document to register a pressure washer business.
  • Sales tax registration is needed to register a pressure washing business with the IRS for tax purposes.
  • Paying a bond is required before obtaining a pressure washing business license to be allowed to pressure wash in certain areas.
  • An environmental permit is mandatory in some state to start a pressure washing business.
  • A contractor permit may be needed to be allowed to pressure wash in local areas.

2. What Types of Insurance Is Needed to Start a Pressure Washing Business?

Three types of insurance needed to start a pressure washer business are worker’s compensation, liability insurance, and equipment insurance, all of which are explained below:

  • Worker’s compensation covers injuries that may occur during pressure washing.
  • Liability insurance covers the damage that may be caused when pressure washing different surfaces.
  • Equipment insurance covers the cost of pressure washing equipment if it gets damaged or stolen.

3. Should Joining Voluntary Pressure Washing Associations Be Considered?

Joining pressure washing associations should be considered. The top 3 pressure washer associations to join are listed below:

  • Pressure Washing Resource Association – PWRA
  • United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners – UAMCC
  • Power Washers of North America – PWNA

Can You Make a Profit Out of a Pressure Washing Business?

Yes, a profit can be made out of a pressure washing business. Factors that determine whether a pressure washing business can be profitable are listed below:

1. Expenditures

Four main upfront expenditure categories that need to be covered to start a pressure washing business and that determine how profitable it can be are listed below:

  • Insurance costs, contractor license costs, and business permits,
  • Power washing gear, including the pressure washer, nozzles, surface cleaner, trailer, and pressure washing chemicals,
  • Transportation costs to arrive at customers’ homes,
  • Costs needed to acquire customers – printing flyers, pamphlets, running ads.

2. Revenue

The amount of money earned per month or year when all expenses are deducted determines whether a pressure washing business is profitable or not.

3. Pressure Washing Business Plan

A business plan should be made before starting a pressure washing business to make it profitable. Pressure washing gear prices, insurance and permit costs, and transportation costs should be included in the business plan. Minimum starting prices for a pressure washing business are listed below:

  • Transport costs for a used truck or van: $5,000
  • Pressure washing gear: $1,500
  • Getting first customers: $250 for printing flyers
  • Licenses, insurance, and permits: $500 upfront and $60 every month

Why Is Investing In Pressure Washer Equipment Necessary When Starting a Pressure Washing Business?

Make Sure to Keep It LegalThe reasons why it is important to invest in pressure washing equipment are listed below:

  • It Saves Money Long-Term

Investing in new pressure washer equipment reduces maintenance and repair costs and saves money.

  • It Builds Trust

Investing in high-quality pressure washer equipment instead of cheap equipment instills trust and increases the chances of getting new clients.

  • It Is Business Marketing

Investing in pressure washer equipment contributes to better marketing and positioning the business on the market.

  • It Helps Do Things Right

Investing in pressure washer equipment and accessories ensures pressure washing tasks are efficiently conducted and reduces damages.

How to Attract Customers for Your Pressure Washing Business?

To attract customers for a pressure washer business, flyers that contain the offer, pricing, and contact information should be printed and distributed.

Why a Pressure Washing Business Is a Great Idea?

Starting a pressure washing business is a great idea because there is room for small contractors, cleaning is something that has to be done regularly, different niche markets can be targeted, startup costs are relatively low, and it has good earning potential.

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