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Choosing a pressure washer can be a hassle if you just know that you need one, but you don’t know what you are looking for. And this is exactly why we are here – to teach you everything there is about these pressure washers, how they work, where are they best used, and how to clean all sorts of surfaces successfully.

Different surfaces require different water pressure and using the wrong amount can even damage them in the cleaning process. Also, the type of use is also very important when selecting the right product. It isn’t the same if you use your power washer every day to clean out heavy stains like grease and oil from the garage, or you just use it sometimes to wash your patio. There could be a couple of hundreds of dollars of difference between the light household cleaning appliance and heavy-duty power washer.

With our easy-to-follow buying guides and posts, you can avoid making some very costly mistakes. Instead of doing all the research, we’ve done the grunt work for you so that you can select the product that will help you achieve your needs. Imagine spending money on the wrong type of pressure washer! With our comparison charts, you can simply compare power washers by their PSI, GPM, durability, power source, and more. Perhaps we can even help you discover new brands and products that will be in your price range which you haven’t considered before.

Some of these pressure washes come with cool additional features that are simply nice to have – like a soap dispenser, safety switch, or an extendable hose. These extra features could change the pressure washing for you entirely. This is especially true for additional equipment that comes with pressure washers. There are different types of hoses and nozzles you can choose from, and our reviews will guide you through all the intricacies.

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