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How to Get Pressure Washing Jobs?

Getting pressure washing jobs requires a marketing plan that consists of traditional and digital advertising methods. These methods include placing banners, advertising on vehicles, sharing flyers, building a website, and having a social media strategy. Delivering high-quality services, offering discounts for new customers, and not turning down small jobs are also part of a successful strategy to attract more customers.

The steps needed to get more pressure washing jobs are discussed in detail below.

1. Make a Marketing Plan

How to Get Pressure Washing JobsA marketing plan for a pressure washing business, even if it is a small one, is a safe way to ensure that the business becomes successful. A pressure washing service provider can achieve a point when they have to refuse clients only whe they have a solid marketing strategy that continuously brings new customers.

A good marketing plan aims for a pressure washing service provider to become known in the industry and to reach as many potential customers as possible. This level of success can be achieved by embedding traditional and digital advertising strategies that get more pressure-washing jobs.

1.1. Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising is not so popular anymore because most service providers focus on digitals advertising. This strategy might be good, but it can make the service provider lose a lot of clients that do not rely so much on the internet, such as elderly people. More than that, the goal is to be as visible as possible and that includes covering all areas, even if this coverage reaches only a limited amount of people.

Traditional advertising methods that can be used to get more pressure washing jobs include:

  • Banners

Paying for banners is a waste of time only if they are positioned in a place where the targeted audience does not have access. After defining who the potential future clients are, make a list of places where the placement of a banner for pressure washing services has the most visibility. Choose the spot where the banner is most likely to be seen by future clients. Pay for more banners when the strategy is proven to work.

  • Vehicle Advertising

Vehicle advertising is a popular method to make a service provider visible. The principle behind it is to add stickers to a car or truck so that people on the streets see it. There are two ways that a pressure washing service provider can use vehicle advertising. The first is by branding and adding their contact information on their own truck or trucks. The second one is to pay people to add stickers to their cars for a specific period. There are agencies that do the work without the need for the beneficiary to search for people willing to do this. Talking to friends that are open to applying stickers on their car for free is also an option.

  • Flyers

Sharing flyers in public spaces is like sharing business cards. This does not require a large investment and will cover the targeted customers that do not rely solely on the internet. The flyers should contain information about the services provided, the website, and contact information. Some service providers also list prices to several services if they have competitive prices.

1.2. Digital Advertising

  • Build a Website

Having a website is the number one indicator that a business is serious and is going well. People trust a service provider that is reliable. Investing in a high-quality website that suggests seriousness and competence will create an image that will draw more clients because it increases credibility.

A Google survey conducted from November 2017 to January 2018 has concluded that more than 50% of the customers research the internet before purchasing something. The lack of a website can considerably bring down the number of clients, especially if its competitors have one. The probability of a customer choosing a competitor while researching online is high. Even if most of a business’s competitors do not have websites, being among the few ones who do offers a big advantage.

  • Be Present on Social Media

Social media is an environment that gives the opportunity for pressure-washing businesses to flourish. Not being present on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can lead to losing a lot of potential clients. After setting up a website, creating a page on the most important social media platforms and connecting to as many people as possible is the desired step.

The idea is to make the business visible to many people because each of them is a potential client or is someone that might suggest these services to an acquaintance. Having a Facebook group to share information about pressure washing services is a potential way to attract more clients.

Paying for ads on social media platforms such as Facebook is a strategy that attracts the most customers, as Americans spend 325 hours a year on average on Facebook according to a study conducted by Uswitch.com. Other social media platforms also offer a wide range of potential clients, as the average time spent on social media for an American is 1,300 hours, according to the same study. This means about 3.5 hours of exposure for an online social media ad for a pressure washing service.

Online ads on social media are less expensive than investing in a TV commercial and offer a wider reach. Advertising on social media platforms offers the possibility of choosing the age group and location of the targeted potential customers, which is more cost-efficient.

2. Deliver High-Quality Services

Offering high-quality pressure washing services is about delivering superior cleaning, which means investing in training employees to rise to high expectations, and investing in high-quality equipment. Having people skills is a factor that increases the service quality and demonstrates to the client that the service provider is reliable.

  • High-Quality Equipment and Training

Deliver High-Quality ServicesDeveloping good pressure washing skills and knowing how to properly use a pressure washer is something that all the people involved in offering this service have to master. A client expects to get deep cleaning regardless of the price they pay. Even if the prices that a pressure washing service provider offers are low, the quality of the work has to be high. This will get a lot of recommendations that lead to more clients.

The equipment used for professional pressure washing services should be of high quality for two reasons.

Firstly, the equipment should be able to provide deep cleaning regardless of the conditions and the period of use. Commercial pressure washers are designed to withstand the test of time, as they are equipped with long-lasting and reliable pressure washer pumps and engines. Providers that offer power washing services usually own gas pressure washers because they are more powerful and are versatile, being suited for both rough and fragile surfaces.

Secondly, if the equipment used is of low quality, it might break during a cleaning task and the client will not be satisfied to get half of what they pay for or to wait until the equipment is repaired or replaced. The image of the offered services will be damaged and these clients will most likely spread the word. This negative advertising will lead to other potential customers avoiding the specific pressure washing service provider and choosing the competition instead.

  • People Skills

Having good people skills and developing a good relationship with clients is essential to getting more customers. People react to emotion and to how someone makes them feel. Interacting positively with a customer will make them remember how they felt and will most certainly recommend a service provider to the detriment of another that didn’t make a connection with them. People who work in sales rely on this strategy most of the time.

Having a good relationship with a current customer is important because advertising through recommendation is one of the most valuable forms of advertising. This type of recommendation is considered one of the most reliable, as people rely on the opinion of their friends, and it is also free.

3. Offer Discounts

Discounts are often considered good for keeping old customers engaged but are also a good strategy for acquiring new clients. The secret is not to have a constant discount because potential customers might believe that the pressure washing business is not going well and this is why the provider resorted to discounts.

Offering discounts to first-time customers for a specific period is an easy way to get more clients. Even if it seems like losing money, gaining more customers will provide more income in the long run.

4. Do Not Avoid Small Jobs

Not turning down small jobs is recommended especially for beginners. Working with a company that needs recurrent pressure washing services offers a secure income for a longer period but this type of job is not always easy to find. Until the list of clients is long, turning down small jobs will limit the number of future customers that might benefit from a pressure washing service provider and will be detrimental to the future development of the business.

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