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12 Best Pressure Washer Guns – (Reviews & Guide 2021)

Utilizing the full potential of a washer means that it should be matched with the best pressure washer gun that meets your requirements. Often times people pair their powerful washer with an inadequate wand, making it exert less power. In the sections to follow, we’d like to address all the details and practical info on pressure washer wands and tell you all you need to know to pick the proper model for your washer. Sometimes, changing the wand can bring a whole new experience, so it is a topic worth exploring.

We also provided a list to choose from (check out pressure washer gun reviews section). Once you go through our library of knowledge, you will be able to make the final decision by yourself and rejuvenate the pressure washer you own.

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Who Needs a Pressure Washer Gun?

Pressure Washer Gun ReviewsThe truth is – if you own and/or use a pressure washer gun often, you will need a new pressure washer gun eventually. No matter how strong a pressure washer gun is, good old entropy will get to it, or in layman’s terms – the wear and tear will eat up the gun. These trigger guns deal with immense amounts of water, and they are bound to fail at some point in time. That is why it is always good to have a spare gun around. However, there are other reasons to buy a pressure washer gun even though the one you know still works.

Due to the availability, mostly budget-wise, some people use multiple pressure washer guns on the same washer. The reason behind this is the shape and accessibility. Owners of versatile models (like commercial pressure washers) utilize different settings and PSI ratings, and they have a fitting pressure washer guns for certain pressure ranges.

To put things in perspective – when you are dealing with lower pressures, you might want to get a shorter pressure washer gun which is easy to hold. This way your arms and hands do not get tired, and you get to control the flow with ease. But, as soon as you up the pressure, you want to swap ease with control. With higher pressures, you could always use a pressure washer gun with a better grip or a model with a firmer trigger. This all depends on your pressure washing experience and cleaning habits.

Can I Use My Pressure Washer Without a Pressure Washer Gun?

If your pressure washer gun failed and started slacking, you should not use it anymore. Now, it might seem normal to use the pressure washer through the hose only while the replacement comes in. We must urge you to NEVER do this! Pressurized water is no joke, and it can cause serious injuries. A simple high-pressure hose is enough to contain the pressure, but not enough to control it at the end. That is what the pressure washer guns are for.

Best Power Washer Guns Comparison Chart

Apache 99023802 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Gun Kit

Apache 99023802 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Gun Kit

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.3
  • Maximum PSI Rating: 4000
  • Additional Gear: Wand and 5 Nozzles
View On Amazon
MATCC High-Pressure Washer Gun 3000 PSI

MATCC High-Pressure Washer Gun 3000 PSI

  • Price: $
  • Customer Rating: 4.4
  • Maximum PSI Rating: 3000
  • Additional Gear: 5 Nozzles
View On Amazon
Sooprinse High-Pressure Washer Gun 3000 PSI

Sooprinse High-Pressure Washer Gun 3000 PSI

  • Price: $
  • Customer Rating: 4.2
  • Maximum PSI Rating: 3000
  • Additional Gear: 5 Nozzles
View On Amazon
M MINGLE Replacement Pressure Washer Gun

M MINGLE Replacement Pressure Washer Gun

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.5
  • Maximum PSI Rating: 4000
  • Additional Gear: Extension Wand and 5 Nozzles
View On Amazon
Tool Daily Short Pressure Washer Gun with M22 Thread, 4000 PSI

Tool Daily Short Pressure Washer Gun with M22 Thread, 4000 PSI

  • Price: $
  • Customer Rating: 4.3
  • Maximum PSI Rating: 4000
  • Additional Gear: N/A
View On Amazon
Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer Gun Up to 3000 PSI 204627GS

Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer Gun Up to 3000 PSI 204627GS

  • Price: $
  • Customer Rating: 4.1
  • Maximum PSI Rating: 3000
  • Additional Gear: N/A
View On Amazon

Best Pressure Washer Gun Reviews (Updated List)

1. Apache 99023802 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Gun Kit

Apache 99023802 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Gun KitNo matter if you are looking for a fresh new pressure washer gun or just a replacement, getting your hands on this Apache trigger gun is going to up your washing game by a large margin. Keep in mind that we are not talking just about the gun, but a whole set of helpful hear you can use in your pursuit of cleanliness. The overall design of the gun is shifted more towards comfort when it comes to holding – the body is elongated and it comes with rubberized grips for more control (we are dealing with high pressure after all).

Now, if you are looking for a pressure washer gun that will allow for more reach while you wash, you will be happy to hear that this particular model comes with a 19” extension wand. Considering that the body of the gun is already elongated, attaching the extension wand will give you all the reach you want without losing pressure. Atop of that, Apache made sure you use the full potential of your pressure washer by including a set of 5 different quick-connect spray nozzle tips.


  • The elongated design of the pressure washer gun will help you with reach and stability while washing
  • The gun comes with a 19” extension wand for even more reach
  • The manufacturer provided 5 different spray tips (aka quick-connect nozzles) to help you adapt the gun to the task at hand


  • This set is not budget-friendly at first, but it makes it up with performance

2. MATCC High-Pressure Washer Gun 3000 PSI

MATCC High-Pressure Washer Gun 3000 PSIThis MATCC is a short-barreled pressure washer gun that is can be a powerful ally in your washing tasks. When it comes to the overall design of the trigger gun, we are talking about a minimalist approach that prioritizes functionality over aesthetics. While you do lose some reach thanks to the short barrel, you will be happy to know that this particular pressure washer gun model works flawlessly with foam cannons and similar extensions.

The pressure washer handle is ergonomic with some dents in the plastic to give you a better grip of the gun. Besides the standard trigger mechanism, this gun has a safety lock that prevents accidental pressure washer activation and injuries that can occur from that. In this set, you can also find five additional quick-connect nozzle tips that allow you to adapt the gun, making it viable to soap, clean, wash, strip, and blast the dirt. The minimal PSI rating this pressure washer gun needs to operate is rated at 1,000 PSI, with the maximum rating clocking around 3,000 PSI.


  • An affordable pressure washer gun that supports foam cannons
  • Five provided quick-connect connect nozzle tips give your pressure washer a lot of versatility
  • The trigger gun has a locking mechanism for safety reasons


  • The nozzle on this pressure washer gun model is short – it supports foam cannons but has a shorter reach than a long wand

3. Sooprinse High-Pressure Washer Gun 3000 PSI

Sooprinse High-Pressure Washer Gun 3000 PSIIf simplicity and budget-friendliness are what you are after in a pressure washer gun, this Sooprinse set might just be the right one. As far as trigger guns go, this one has all the necessary specs to fulfill your cleaning requirements, and it packs no bells and whistles. This, of course, translates to no strain on your wallet. But, do not underestimate this pressure washer gun because of its simplicity – it gets the job done.

Firstly, the overall design is minimalist – an all-black body with a short nozzle that fits modern foam cannons easily. The outer body is made of plastic while the essentials are made of brass and stainless steel. The trigger gun comes with a safety lock that prevents you from unwantedly activating the water stream. Additionally, you will get a brand new set of quick-connect nozzles to help you tackle various tasks around the yard.


  • A lightweight pressure washer gun with brass and steel key parts
  • Five different quick-connect nozzle tips provided to help you adapt your pressure washer (including the soap tip)
  • The locking mechanism provides an extra layer of safety


  • The maximum PSI rating of this particular pressure washer gun is capped at 3,000 PSI which is over average, but it does not fit the strongest of pressure washers.

4. M MINGLE Replacement Pressure Washer Gun

M MINGLE Replacement Pressure Washer GunThis M MINGLE pressure washer gun kit is there to provide you with all sorts of features. Firstly, the body is designed in two parts – the trigger gun and the extended wand. The base of the gun’s body is there to provide you with the basic needs and it works well with all sorts of foam cannons. Additionally, for safety reasons, the gun has rubberized edges and a safety lock mechanism. This way you will never accidentally let the water burst out or drop the gun on the ground.

And, if you are not satisfied with the short gun, this set provides you options to extend the gun twice, up to a total of 40 inches. By extending the wand you get more reach, making maneuvering around the premises easier. The first wand extension has a gripping layer so you can grasp the pressure washer gun with both hands. This set also comes with a coupler and five different quick-connect nozzle tips that adapt the washer and make it suitable for cleaning all sorts of surfaces.


  • This water pressure gun is short in its basic form but it comes with two extending options
  • The trigger gun is rubberized and comes with a safety lock that prevents accidental water release
  • A set of five quick-connect nozzles will give you additional options when it comes to cleaning different surfaces or applying soap


  • Once you attach the extensions it is harder to attach a soap gun. The double extension is for water spraying only.

5. Tool Daily Short High Pressure Water Gun with M22 Thread, 4000 PSI

Tool Daily Short Pressure Washer Gun with M22 Thread, 4000 PSISome pressure washer owners aim for simplicity, and this particular trigger gun will give you just that, no more no less. Firstly, it is important to notice that we are talking about the most budget-friendly model out there, but, after all, it is a sole pressure washer gun with no additional gear included. The body is simple, made of plastics with a gripping material around the handle.

On the other end, the nozzle is elongated, not to a size of a regular pressure washer wand, but just enough to help you grip the gun with both hands for extra stability. Also, there is a safety lock that prevents accidental water release. The minimal pressure needed for this trigger gun to work is around 1,000 PSI, and the maximum is rated at 4,000 PSI which is more than enough to tackle all sorts of dirt.


  • One of the most affordable pressure washer guns out there
  • Extended wand for the additional grip safety
  • The key parts are made of brass and stainless steel for extra durability


  • This power washer gun comes with no nozzle-tips or extension wands

6. Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer Gun Up to 3000 PSI 204627GS

Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer Gun Up to 3000 PSI 204627GSBriggs & Stratton is already a famous manufacturer of all things lawn-related. They know their way around the house, and their pressure washers are worth your attention to say the least. So, we can safely say that this particular pressure washer gun can be a good catch, as a replacement or an additional trigger gun. There are people out there who like the feel of this gun, even though they don’t use a Briggs & Stratton pressure washer.

This particular pressure washer gun comes with a built-in wand, which gives you more stability while washing because you can grab the gun with both hands. The water intake is located in front of the trigger itself, so you can move with the gun without issues. When it comes to the essential parts, you don’t have to worry because the manufacturer used brass and stainless steel. Keep in mind that this trigger gun doesn’t come with additional quick-connect nozzles and that it fits other pressure washers, not just Briggs & Stratton units.


  • A simple, cost-efficient replacement pressure washer gun from a renowned manufacturer
  • The trigger itself has a safety lock mechanism that prevents accidental water flow
  • The protected wand allows you to hold the gun with both hands, thus enhancing the overall safety and stability


  • Some people do not like the frontal water intake, but that is a matter of preference.

7. Washer Pro Pressure Washer Gun Accessories Kit

Washer Pro Pressure Washer Gun Accessories KitHere we have a modern-looking power washer gun with one of the broadest kits that can help you adapt your pressure washer better, and faster. The modern looks are there for a reason – the extended, built-in, nozzle is covered with anti-slip materials that will help you with the grip and make the gun more stable. This nozzle is not detachable, though, so mounting a foam cannon should be done with care.

When it comes to all the accessories and gear you get, this set has a lot of useful parts. For starters, you get 7 different quick-connect nozzles that cover angles from 0° (soap) all the way up to 65° for lighter tasks. Additionally, you get a whole new replacement lance that can serve as an extension wand. Lastly, you will be happy to hear that the set comes with different standard adaptors for the coupler and the hose connection, so it fits most pressure washer models out there.


  • One of the biggest sets of pressure washer gun accessories with 7 quick-connect nozzles
  • The trigger gun comes with an attached long nozzle and a spare extension lance
  • The trigger gun also comes with adapters for different hose standards


  • While this pressure washer gun works great in all sorts of situations, its elongated shape makes it somewhat difficult to use a foam cannon for prolonged washing sessions.

8. RIDGE WASHER Pressure Washer Gun

RIDGE WASHER Pressure Washer GunThe Ridge Washer is a trigger gun that comes with various attachments, but most importantly – it comes with an extension wand that has an adjustable length, so maneuvering around the yard while washing is made easy. Another eye-catching thing is the red color of the gun which is rare in the world of pressure washer guns. If you value aesthetics, this will come as a bonus.

Now, the gear provided with this gun doesn’t just include the adjustable extension lance. You will also get a set of five quick-connect nozzle extensions that are ready to go right out of the box. Additionally, the extension wand can be removed in case you need to clean at a closer range, or you want to use a foam cannon with the pressure washer gun. The trigger comes with a safety locking mechanism, and the intake is located at the bottom back part. Another excellent thing about this pressure washer gun is that it supports hot water washing up to 212° F (100° C – the boiling point of water).


  • A modern looking pressure washer gun with a detachable extension wand
  • The gun supports hot water washing up to 212° F
  • You also get a set of 5 quick-connect nozzles and coupler adapters


  • At maximum wand length, you can experience minuscule pressure drops

9. Onepack 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Gun Power Washer Spray Gun Kit

Onepack 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Gun Power Washer Spray Gun KitHaving to replace an entire pressure washing kit (pressure washer hose and gun, and connectors) can be a hassle. Luckily, you have the option to get this Onepack and cover everything except for the pressure washer, of course. The set includes an elongated trigger gun with a non-detachable lance. This type of lance is more comfortable to use, but it makes foam cannons somewhat harder to use. The overall design is built around safety – rubber grips and a locking mechanism for the trigger.

Besides the main gun, you get an extension wand that gives you another 20 inches of reach. And to top it all, the set has 5 additional quick-connect nozzle tips to help you adapt the pressure washer to the task at hand. One thing that this set offers and others usually don’t is the 26-foot long high-pressure hose that comes with standard connectors. So, if you are looking for a quick replacement for every piece of gear except the pressure washer itself, this set might be a good way to go.


  • A complete replacement set for a pressure washer, including a high-pressure hose
  • The basic trigger gun can be extended for another 20 inches
  • The set also contains 5 additional quick-connect nozzles for the pressure washer gun


  • The PSI rating is clocked at 3,000 PSI which is overall great, but not as good for super heavy-duty cleaning

10. STYDDI Pressure Washer Trigger Spray Gun Kit

STYDDI Pressure Washer Trigger Spray Gun KitHere we have a versatile kit containing a pressure washer gun that can handle both cold and hot water up to 300° F. The trigger gun is padded with some rubber to help you grip it better, and it also has a locking mechanism for obvious safety reasons – pressurized water is no joke. The STYDDI set is great to have as a backup as well because it provides you with everything you need to start pressure washing (except for the pressure washer itself, of course).

So, when it comes to performance, besides withstanding hot water, this water pressure gun supports the pressure of up to 4,000 PSI. Most pressure gas pressure washers operate just under that value, so you don’t have to worry about sudden drops in pressure. The set also contains a set of 5 different quick-connect nozzle tips for the wand, with each one having a different spray pattern angle.


  • The pressure washer gun can operate with hot water of up to 300° F
  • The set provides you with 5 nozzle tips and connector adapters for different standards
  • The wand can be extended for more reach


  • The water intake fitting on the bottom needs some small support adjustments while using the adapters (Teflon tape is your ally)

11. Atmozon Long Pressure Washer Spray Gun

Atmozon Long Pressure Washer Spray GunThis popular pressure washer gun is a great replacement, yes, but it also works better than some OEM trigger guns. The Atmozon doesn’t come with a lot of gear, but it does provide excellent results. Its body is laced with anti-slip rubber, and the trigger mechanism itself has a safety lock to help you with the accidental water release. The gun itself is short, but it comes with a double extended wand.

This wand is also layered with good gripping material if you want to grab the pressure washer gun with both hands for more control. And, if more reach is needed, you can extend the lance up to 40” of total length. A little heads up – if you extend the lance to its full length, attaching a soap cannon is not doable because the wand will bend. But, if aggressive soaping is your thing, just remove the wand and attach the soap cannon directly.


  • The trigger gun is designed to last – it is sturdy and it has rubberized edges for better gripping
  • When reach is needed, you can extend attach the extension wand and extend it even more if you want
  • This set comes with coupler adapters for different hose standards


  • Heat-resistant gloves are needed if you want to use this gun with hot water

12. YAMATIC 5000 PSI High-Pressure Washer Trigger Spray Gun

YAMATIC 5000 PSI High-Pressure Washer Trigger Spray GunThis YAMATIC is one of those pressure washers that can handle a lot in terms of pressure. The maximum PSI cap is clocked around 5,000 PSI, which is considered well above average for a pressure washer gun. The design is industrial and it doesn’t come with any additional bells and whistles. On top of that, the parts are made of premium brass and stainless steel as well, so you don’t need to worry about durability.

Next to the ability to endure higher pressures, this gun can also withstand working under heat – up to 210° F to be precise. And, if you stumble upon some trouble connecting the inlet to the hose, the manufacturer provided coupler adapters to cover the standard sizes.


  • A simple, yet durable pressure washer gun that utilizes brass and stainless steel
  • The trigger gun comes with a safety lock to prevent accidental water release
  • The maximum pressure this gun can handle is above average – clocked at 5,000 PSI


  • This is just a trigger gun with no additional quick-connect nozzles or extension wands

What Is a Pressure Washer Gun?

Best Pressure Washer GunWhile it does have the word gun in its name, a pressure washer gun is more of a trigger than an actual full firing mechanism. The pressure washer gun represents the connection between the pressurized water and the end target – the dirt. If you would use your pressure washer (electric or gas-powered) without a pressure washer gun, you would have next to nothing when it comes to flow control. All this is the reason why some people call them pressure washer guns and some simply call these gadgets – trigger guns.

But, no matter what you call this piece of washer gear, the truth is that you need a trigger gun to control the output of pressurized water, or if you are using a foam cannon, control the foam. So, to best describe what a pressure washer gun really is, let’s go through the main parts. We won’t get too technical, we promise.

The Anatomy of a Pressure Washer Gun

Like every other piece of machinery that deals with pressurized water, the pressure washer gun has essential parts, usually made of durable and water-resistant metal, that are responsible for keeping the water in and for letting it out on command. These essentials include:

  • The trigger mechanism – a simple lever connected to the hand trigger that controls the valve and the control pin. This is the part you press while holding the pressure washer gun.
  • The control pin and the valve – this is the end line for the pressurized water. While the trigger is in the idle position, the water comes all the way to the pin. By moving the trigger, you release the pin and the valve opens, letting water out.
  • Lance/extensions – Some pressure washer guns have an extension lance already included in the build. Sometimes this lance is stabilized with a firm connection to the body and the valve. If this is the case, the lance is not removable.

These key parts of a trigger gun work together to either let the pressurized water through or stop it. Now, this task doesn’t sound impressive, but if you take into account that we are not talking about the garden hose, controlling all that pressure relies on the pressure washer gun.

Other parts include ergonomics that are not essential. Some pressure washer guns have a better handle and some have a body made of thicker plastic. All in all, this piece of gear is made to be durable.

Pressure Washer Gun Types

When it comes to pressure washer gun types, we can make distinctions based on several different qualities. All these criteria are combined into all sorts of pressure washer guns. We have PSI and GPM ratings, water temperature, types of additional gear – all these specs are combined to some degree in each and every pressure washer gun.

1. PSI and GPM Ratings

Every trigger gun out there will have some sort of threshold when it comes to PSI (pressure per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute) rating. Some guns are designed to work with smaller pressure washers, and some are made to withstand huge settings, like 10+ GPM and 5000+ PSI.

  1. Residential spray guns – these trigger guns are designed for light and medium-duty models, mostly for the electric pressure washers with lower PSI and GPM ratings. A residential spray gun will have a lower PSI requirement and a lower max PSI threshold. However, almost any residential pressure washer works with a residential trigger gun.
  2. Commercial pressure washer guns – as the name suggests, these guns are designed to withstand higher pressure and more frequent use. The PSI and GPM threshold is much higher than with a residential trigger gun.

2. Water Temperature

It is no secret that hot water has its advantages in cleaning – just look at hot water pressure washers. If utilizing temperature is something you do often, you will be happy to hear that there are trigger gun models out there that support hot water flow. Usually, a gun that supports hot water pressure washing will have a thicker body or grips made of some heat-resistant material so you don’t burn your hands.

Every pressure washer gun should be able to support up to 140° F, but make sure to double-check before you make the final decision. On the other hand, we have pressure washer guns that can steadily take the heat of up to 300° F, or in some cases, even higher temperatures. These pressure washer guns might come with a higher price, but the payoff is worth it, especially for people who use hot water often.

3. Pressure Washer Gun Kits

Pressure Washer Gun TypesAs you might have already known, pressure washer guns come compatible with all sorts of extensions, including the famous quick-connect nozzles. The additional gear is helpful with tackling different tasks, yes, but the problem comes once you start losing them. These nozzles are small and they get lost easily – easier that you think. Not only that, but some nozzles won’t be compatible with a new pressure washer gun.

If you lost your old quick-connect nozzles, or you are concerned that they won’t fit the new wand, you can opt for a pressure washer gun set, and use your pressure washer like it is brand new. These sets usually include:

  • The trigger gun capable of supporting the nozzles
  • A set of quick-connect nozzles – the most common set is color-coded with each color corresponding to a spray angle. The standard set includes a 0°,15°,25° or 30°, and a 45° nozzle. Everything more than this is a nice bonus.
  • A lance or a wand – if the trigger gun doesn’t come with an integrated want already, these sets give you the option to extend the pressure washer gun, thus giving you a better grip and a firmer feel while washing.

Pressure Washer Buying Guide

Now that we have covered the basics of pressure washer guns, it is time to dig into the finer details and see what kind of specs to keep in mind while looking for a trigger gun for your pressure washer. We encourage to use the knowledge we presented you to make a check-list of thing you want from your brand new pressure washer guns. There is no perfect model, so here’s what you should consider before you buy.

1. Quick Connects

The very first thing you want to keep your mind on is the connectors. Couplers, valves, and quick-connect connections are common, but you should always double-check the connection type. The two main connectors out there are the ¼ and 3/8 of an inch. These standards should match any high-pressure hose out there. However, some pressure washer guns do not come with a matching water intake quick-connect. If this is the case you can either look for an adapter, or find a model that fits.

Luckily, the majority of pressure washer guns come with several adapters for the water intake connection. Just make sure to use some Teflon tape to secure the extension and the high-pressure hose.

2. Wand Length

Whether or not you decide to get a pressure washer gun with a wand (aka a lance) is up to you, or to be more specific – it depends on your washing habits. To put things in perspective – if you use foam cannons often, a 40” extended pressure washer lance will do you no good because the foam cannon adds length as well. In this case, you should opt for a pressure washer gun with a short lance or no lance at all. You can always attach an extension, though those can be flimsy sometimes.

The other side of this story is people who prefer stability and rarely use foam cannons. A longer and thicker wand will give you the ability to hold it with both hands, resulting in better overall control. If the long wand is integrated, you sacrifice versatility for stability because the lance (usually) isn’t removable.

3. Hot or Cold Washing

Pressure Washer Buying GuideAs you probably already know, pressure washers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. With that kind of variety come different washing habits as well. So, before you decide on the pressure washer gun you want to get as a replacement or an upgrade, you have to think about the temperature. Pressure washers that deal with hot water are somewhat different than regular ones thanks to the water heating system.

A pressure washer gun needs to be strong enough to withstand both the pressure and the heat. If you like to apply the extra degrees for some additional cleaning power make sure to double-check the temperature rating on the pressure washer gun. Every trigger gun out there can get around cold water, but only the selected ones are designed to support hot water pressure washing. Check the washer gun model specs and compare them to the heat that your pressure washer operates under.

If by any chance you get a gun model that doesn’t support hot washing, you still get to use it, but only with cold water. Many have tried to test a non-hot-water pressure washer gun under the heat and failed. Just make sure to double-check the heat rating and you are all set.

4. PSI and GPM Rating

Ok, we need to get one thing out of the picture right now – if a pressure washer gun specs tell you that it is a 4,000 PSI gun, it doesn’t mean that it produces that kind of pressure. Instead, the 4,000 PSI rating tells you the maximum operating pressure that the trigger gun is made to withstand. There is also the other side of the coin – the minimum pressure needed.

This minimum and maximum PSI (and sometimes GPM) rating should match the ratings of your pressure washer. For example, if your gun operated only up to 3,000 or 4,000 PSI, using the gun with a strong pressure washer is a no go. The washer gun’s range must match the range of the washer or else you might experience all sorts of troubles, including damage on both ends.

Luckily, the high pressure washer guns of today are made with durable parts (mainly brass). This, however, doesn’t mean that every gun can match every washer – it takes only a minute to compare those pressure ratings, and we are always advocating safety first. Speaking of…

5. Safety Features

Pressure washer guns are simple gadgets, but the technology behind them must be safe and sound for them to operate. Due to said simplicity, stacking up safety features is limited to the small body of the trigger gun. Here’s a list of the most popular safety features that you can find on a pressure washer gun:

  1. The grip – considering that we are dealing with immense amounts of pressure, some manufacturers decided to put additional gripping materials to the guns’ pressure washer handles. For the most part, we are talking about water-resistant rubber to help you grip the gun safely.
  2. The safety mechanism – similar to a real gun, a pressure washer gun can have a safety lock mechanism as well. This is a great way to make sure no one gets hurt while you’re in the middle of the spring cleanup.
  3. Swiveling quick connectors – if you tend to move around a lot while you clean, the high-pressure hose can get easily tangled. If the pressure washer gun has a rotating (aka swiveling) connector you do not have to worry about this small, but inconvenient issue.

FAQ About Pressure Washer Guns

1. What is the difference between a pressure washer lance, gun, trigger gun, and a wand?

As confusing as it sounds, all these terms usually mean the same, with a little nuance. A pressure washer gun and a trigger gun are essentially the same. But on the other hand we have the terms wand and lance, which are used interchangeably. While these can also represent a standard pressure washer gun, the term lance is used for pressure washer guns with an integrated longer output nozzle.

To recap – a pressure washer gun and a trigger gun are the same. A lance (aka the wand) can represent a pressure washer gun with a longer nozzle.

2. How do I know if I need a new pressure washer gun?

If you came to our guide to find a replacement for the pressure washer gun you currently have, we got you covered. The early signs of a worn-out pressure washer guns are somewhat hard to spot, especially if you are a new user. However, with a short inspection, you can see whether the gun you have is faulty or not. Here are a few tips on what to pay extra attention to:

  • Leaking – whether it’s the quick connector or the output end, leaking is never welcome because it hinders the performance of the pressure washer entirely. If leaks occur, the engine (or motor) experience difficulties in reaching the wanted PSI and GPM to wash the dirt off.
  • Drops in performance – if your pressure washer pressure gauges and they start showing pressure drops, the source of the problem might be a faulty pressure washer gun.
  • The connectors fail – One of the most dangerous signs that something is wrong with the gun is a random disconnect. If something like this happens, make sure to stop the washing session and start looking for a replacement pressure washer gun right away.

3. Can I use a pressure washer gun with hot water?

We already touched upon this subject in the sections above, but the question is so common that we felt the need to clarify again. The answer is – it depends on the pressure washer gun itself. Some trigger guns are made to operate with hot water and some are not. Every model that can withstand the heat can also operate in colder environments, but it is important to remember that the opposite DOESN’T apply.

Just make sure to check the specs and see what the heat threshold of the pressure washer gun is. An average gun will always be able to handle up to 140° F.

4. Do I need the pressure washer gun from the same manufacturer that made my pressure washer?

While this does seem like a logical thing to do, it may not always be the smartest choice, albeit it is the safest. Considering that pressure washers deal with dangerous pressure levels, the only thing you should be absolutely certain about are the connectors. If they fir, the gun fits. There are several standards when it comes to the connector gauge, but most guns will fit a 3/8 or 1/4 –inch connectors.

A large number of pressure washer guns come with connector adapters, so remember to check on that before you give up on a model just because the basic connector doesn’t fit.

Wrap Up

And there we go, everything you need to know about the best pressure washer gun models out there. You would be surprised by the number of people who completely give up on pressure washing just because of the trigger gun malfunctioned. Now you know that this solution is affordable and that it will, above all, enhance and change your pressure washing experience. All the options we went through in our pressure washer gun reviews are a good way to start. Additionally, if you apply the newly-acquired knowledge on the topic, you will certainly make the most valuable decision.

Thank you for reading our detailed guide. We hope that we managed to shed some light on this topic, thus making your pressure washing efficient and fun again. If you have any questions or want to add something, feel free to contact us and we will return with the answers ASAP. Have fun washing!

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